Big Bang “Monster” – I’m not a monster

BIG BANG’s recent comeback has really taken me off the edge of my seat. From singles off their album “Alive” such as “Blue”, “Bad Boy” and “Fantastic Baby”, to their most recent single “Monster” off their repackaged album, “Still Alive”, I have been mesmerized at both their strong vocal and confident rapping as well as their bold fashion, which makes me want to be a boy for a moment  just so I can wear everything they’re wearing…(awkward). If you haven’t heard their newest single yet, you might want to take 5 minutes just to immerse yourself in the wonderfully-planned arrangement written and composed by G-Dragon himself:

Everything in this M/V screams fierceness, and might I just add off the record, sexiness. As a GD fangirl, I couldn’t help notice the red hair + horn combination, which deviates off his seaweed fringe from their “Alive” promotions, and reminding me too much of 2010 GD in a good way. I’m going to ignore his mario mushroom hairstyle in this post and pretend it’s not in the M/V. Let’s just say when I first saw the GD teaser for “Monster”, instead of squealing with joy, I was laughing (at him…I still love you GD).

In general, their fashion is not something that would be worn on a daily basis. I’m going to briefly comment on each member’s outfit and the highs and lows of the fashion in this video before jumping into the important portion of this post. Apart from GD’s horns, I also liked what Seungri was wearing. Although he only had one costume in the entire M/V, it was still fresh everytime he has screen time, and I love how it doubled as a straightjacket in some scenes.

Going with the monster theme, Top didn’t really seem like a monster to me…and his turtleneck+lady hat combination was somewhat out-of-the-blue (pun!…get it, cause’ he had blue (ok fine mint green) hair before?), but his good looks compensated for his meh fashion.

Daesung again showed he can be a hunk if he wants to be with his fur sleeve and straps, which does a poor job in covering up  his toned chest and abs, which is fine by me.

Finally, Taeyang… Umm, I guess he was going for an emulation of an ox? Well whatever his stylists were thinking, I think Taeyang’s outfit went a little to0 far. However, his football shoulder padded sparkly shirt was quite cool, in comparison to his mickey mouse hair.

So since BIG BANG is a boy group, and I’m not really into men’s fashion, I thought I can bring the most important elements of their outfits and turn them “girl-friendly”. As I’ve said before, the red-hair horned GD is my favorite part of the entire M/V, and his outfit is simple yet edgy. Of course, his style is not for the “faint-hearted”, and in order to make this more street-friendly, I tried my best to find pieces from my wardrobe that could emulate his style which are simple, and perhaps found also in your closet:

The center piece of the outfit is probably the faux-leather jacket, which I got on sale at a local boutique. Because his outfit is just so simple, I only had to pair the jacket with a gray tank top from Zara, black jeggings from Uniqlo and a pair of Adidas Originals sneakers I personalized with pink shoe laces which I got ages ago. I’m also wearing a gold studded bangle from the special section of Marc by Marc Jacobs given to me by a friend, which sells special items at prices that are affordable. I would also pair this outfit with this headband I found on which is a more practical substitute for GD’s horn, giving the outfit a more rocker vibe.

I would wear this outfit (not in the summer)  just to go shopping, or to amusement parks as this outfit is so easy to move in, or dress it up to a concert. As a matter of fact, I was thinking I can wear this to BIG BANG’s concert later this year (if I can get hold of a ticket).

Anyways, hope you had fun! I’d really like to see other people emulating their styles, so leave a photo or something if you do!


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