Idol Fashion – Back to Basics

I’ve realized that I’ve been focusing alot on the particular fashion found in different music videos, which I’ve found can sometimes be very restricting in terms of the scope of the style of the idols. Therefore, I want to brach out more and do a post on styles of idols not only from one group, but from multiple kpop groups.

As we all know, Kpop idols are pretty trendy even when they’re backstage or just doing their own thing. I for one love comfortable fashion, and therefore, I looked all over the internet for inspirations from Kpop idols on looking trendy yet retaining the maximum comfort level of their fashion. What I looked for was how kpop idols spices up a graphic tshirt with their unique fashion.

F(x)‘s style at a recent appearance of a screening of SMent’s new movie “I am” was what got me inspired to do this post.

I love how they still look stylish with a normal tshirt on, especially Victoria. She showed off how a little bit of accessorizing, in her case, with unique patterned tights underneath black shorts can instantly spice up a plain tshirt. Krystal went minimalistic and rolled up her sleaves while half tucking in her shirt in front, which instantly gives her entire outfit a more styled and manicured look. For those who wants to have structure in their outfit, tucking the tshirt all the say into your jeans like Luna gives more formality to the entire outfit, unlike Amber who is more laidback with her tomboy charms.

This sparked me to look for other idols and their ways to wear plain tshirts, which led me to the Wonder Girls.

Yubin’s half tuck of her tshirt into her jeans instantly gives her an edge, and again allows her outfit to have more style. In comparison with the other girls (excluding Sunye and her oversized shirt), she looks more edgy and stylish…as far as wearing a tshirt at a memorial function goes.

A recent picture of Girl’s Generation‘s Yoona gives the basic Tshirt style a glamorous feel.

Accessorizing with only a long necklace and bracelets while sporting a completely white shirt and black shorts, she proves that sometimes, less can be more. The staple in this outfit is probably her bag, which from the side, looks like a Balenciaga “city” bag. She shows that on lazy days, an easy and simple outfit can be pulled off with a decent bag (not necessarily designer, Zara carries a lot of nice bags at decent prices that are at the quality of the higher end brands).

I think when it comes to tshirt wearing, 2ne1 takes this to a whole new level. They are all established fashionista, which makes looking for inspiration from them very easy. CL always shows her fierceness in her outfits, and she does not disappoint even when sporting plain tshirts.

Their style is about being unique and bold, and on days when you just want to be a little different, CL shows that a graphic tshirt does not need to be boring, and is just as fun worn with bright colored tights. Of course, this outfit cannot be 2ne1 if it is not paired off with sneakers of any kind.

Dara on the other hand might seem to be the sweetest out of 2ne1, but I love how she uses her outfits to show that she also has a lot of fight in her.

She gives another take on pairing a graphic tshirt, this time with patterned pants that will draw attention to the entire outfit. I think what gives the entire outfit its edge is how she intentionally reveals her belt by hastily tucking her shirt in front, giving the outfit just enough rocker vibe, and also separating the confusing prints on her pants with her graphic Tee.

To wrap up this post, since airport fashion is quite a huge thing in Korea, this picture of Miss A’s Suzy is a cuter rendition of the basic tee style.

The asymmetrical tshirt she wears makes the outfit less conventional, and by pairing it with a pair of simple denim shorts, she looks like she can go around town all day in her outfit.

Hope this post is able to show just how flexible and versatile a simple tshirt is on an outfit, and that when a graphic tshirt is worn with style, an outfit does not have to be boring and conventional.

Until next time!



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