2NE1 “I Love You” – Vintage Charm

2ne1’s new single, “I Love You”, is by far my favorite song by these undeniable k-pop divas. My first reaction to the music video was, “Boy, am I going to have a long post to write!”

In comparison to their last single, “I Am The Best”, which was very powerful and filled with all-up-in-your-face-badassery, “I Love You” saw the girls showcasing their more emotional and feminine side. However, they retain enough swag to tell the world that they are still capable of kicking butts, that is, if you break their hearts. At first, I was not sure if I really liked their transformation, since 2ne1 is k-pop’s one and only resident bad-asses when it comes to girl groups. After the 2nd time watching the M/V through, I have to admit I was totally convinced. Of course, the job of a music video is to capture the audience with its visual appeal, and as a result, the girls’ outfits are what did it for me. I feel like their stylists effectively and successfully fused vintage with the girl’s trademark hip-hop/street style in the outfits showcased within the music video, making the music video’s visual appeal that much more elegant.

What stood out for me is the accessories worn by the girls throughout the M/V. I feel like there’s an unsaid rule when it comes to accessorizing that you should never wear a full set of accessories, which I have niftily translated to always keeping one part of the body bare (to be anal, this rule applies to the neck, wrist, ears and fingers) when accessorizing an outfit. However, the girls broke this rule in every outfit they wear, and they broke it with the boldest accessories they could find. For some unknown reason though, the style worked wonderfully on them, and I feel like it is because of this that they still seem fierce, even when the girls are just sitting and looking off into the distance.

Out of the entire music video, the one thing I cannot get over is CL‘s outfit in the M/V:

CL is notorious for her fierceness in her fashion sense, and I feel like this outfit is able to represent the signature of her style, and the indication of why she is so awesome. Back in 2009, when 2ne1 first debuted, one of CL’s outfit in an end of year music festival roused up a bit of controversy for showing too much skin.

Of course, a part of hip-hop music is its sex appeal, as moulded by the American music industry. But in 2009, CL didn’t do it right. Ever since then, she has toned down a lot in her style in terms of the sexiness, and I feel like she’s been focusing more on showing off a bolder and bad-ass image than attempting to be sexy anymore. The epitome of this is seen in her outfit at the 2011 MAMA awards, with which she shows that a statement can still be made without showing any skin, and a proof of the evolution of her style in emitting a more confident persona without selling out her body.

Having said that, this latest single marks the successful transformation in her style to be able to emit the right amount of sexiness, yet still retaining her trademark confidence. In comparison to “I Am The Best”, CL shows more skin here, but her bold jacket radiates her confidence and fierceness, making her that much harder to be messed with.

To commemorate CL’s fierce yet feminine style in the music video, I have broken down her outfit below for those who are looking to add more sass in their wardrobe:

Until next time!


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