2NE1 “I Love You” – Vintage Charm

2ne1’s new single, “I Love You”, is by far my favorite song by these undeniable k-pop divas. My first reaction to the music video was, “Boy, am I going to have a long post to write!”

In comparison to their last single, “I Am The Best”, which was very powerful and filled with all-up-in-your-face-badassery, “I Love You” saw the girls showcasing their more emotional and feminine side. However, they retain enough swag to tell the world that they are still capable of kicking butts, that is, if you break their hearts. At first, I was not sure if I really liked their transformation, since 2ne1 is k-pop’s one and only resident bad-asses when it comes to girl groups. After the 2nd time watching the M/V through, I have to admit I was totally convinced. Of course, the job of a music video is to capture the audience with its visual appeal, and as a result, the girls’ outfits are what did it for me. I feel like their stylists effectively and successfully fused vintage with the girl’s trademark hip-hop/street style in the outfits showcased within the music video, making the music video’s visual appeal that much more elegant.

What stood out for me is the accessories worn by the girls throughout the M/V. I feel like there’s an unsaid rule when it comes to accessorizing that you should never wear a full set of accessories, which I have niftily translated to always keeping one part of the body bare (to be anal, this rule applies to the neck, wrist, ears and fingers) when accessorizing an outfit. However, the girls broke this rule in every outfit they wear, and they broke it with the boldest accessories they could find. For some unknown reason though, the style worked wonderfully on them, and I feel like it is because of this that they still seem fierce, even when the girls are just sitting and looking off into the distance.

Out of the entire music video, the one thing I cannot get over is CL‘s outfit in the M/V:

CL is notorious for her fierceness in her fashion sense, and I feel like this outfit is able to represent the signature of her style, and the indication of why she is so awesome. Back in 2009, when 2ne1 first debuted, one of CL’s outfit in an end of year music festival roused up a bit of controversy for showing too much skin.

Of course, a part of hip-hop music is its sex appeal, as moulded by the American music industry. But in 2009, CL didn’t do it right. Ever since then, she has toned down a lot in her style in terms of the sexiness, and I feel like she’s been focusing more on showing off a bolder and bad-ass image than attempting to be sexy anymore. The epitome of this is seen in her outfit at the 2011 MAMA awards, with which she shows that a statement can still be made without showing any skin, and a proof of the evolution of her style in emitting a more confident persona without selling out her body.

Having said that, this latest single marks the successful transformation in her style to be able to emit the right amount of sexiness, yet still retaining her trademark confidence. In comparison to “I Am The Best”, CL shows more skin here, but her bold jacket radiates her confidence and fierceness, making her that much harder to be messed with.

To commemorate CL’s fierce yet feminine style in the music video, I have broken down her outfit below for those who are looking to add more sass in their wardrobe:

Until next time!


Idol Fashion – Back to Basics

I’ve realized that I’ve been focusing alot on the particular fashion found in different music videos, which I’ve found can sometimes be very restricting in terms of the scope of the style of the idols. Therefore, I want to brach out more and do a post on styles of idols not only from one group, but from multiple kpop groups.

As we all know, Kpop idols are pretty trendy even when they’re backstage or just doing their own thing. I for one love comfortable fashion, and therefore, I looked all over the internet for inspirations from Kpop idols on looking trendy yet retaining the maximum comfort level of their fashion. What I looked for was how kpop idols spices up a graphic tshirt with their unique fashion.

F(x)‘s style at a recent appearance of a screening of SMent’s new movie “I am” was what got me inspired to do this post.

I love how they still look stylish with a normal tshirt on, especially Victoria. She showed off how a little bit of accessorizing, in her case, with unique patterned tights underneath black shorts can instantly spice up a plain tshirt. Krystal went minimalistic and rolled up her sleaves while half tucking in her shirt in front, which instantly gives her entire outfit a more styled and manicured look. For those who wants to have structure in their outfit, tucking the tshirt all the say into your jeans like Luna gives more formality to the entire outfit, unlike Amber who is more laidback with her tomboy charms.

This sparked me to look for other idols and their ways to wear plain tshirts, which led me to the Wonder Girls.

Yubin’s half tuck of her tshirt into her jeans instantly gives her an edge, and again allows her outfit to have more style. In comparison with the other girls (excluding Sunye and her oversized shirt), she looks more edgy and stylish…as far as wearing a tshirt at a memorial function goes.

A recent picture of Girl’s Generation‘s Yoona gives the basic Tshirt style a glamorous feel.

Accessorizing with only a long necklace and bracelets while sporting a completely white shirt and black shorts, she proves that sometimes, less can be more. The staple in this outfit is probably her bag, which from the side, looks like a Balenciaga “city” bag. She shows that on lazy days, an easy and simple outfit can be pulled off with a decent bag (not necessarily designer, Zara carries a lot of nice bags at decent prices that are at the quality of the higher end brands).

I think when it comes to tshirt wearing, 2ne1 takes this to a whole new level. They are all established fashionista, which makes looking for inspiration from them very easy. CL always shows her fierceness in her outfits, and she does not disappoint even when sporting plain tshirts.

Their style is about being unique and bold, and on days when you just want to be a little different, CL shows that a graphic tshirt does not need to be boring, and is just as fun worn with bright colored tights. Of course, this outfit cannot be 2ne1 if it is not paired off with sneakers of any kind.

Dara on the other hand might seem to be the sweetest out of 2ne1, but I love how she uses her outfits to show that she also has a lot of fight in her.

She gives another take on pairing a graphic tshirt, this time with patterned pants that will draw attention to the entire outfit. I think what gives the entire outfit its edge is how she intentionally reveals her belt by hastily tucking her shirt in front, giving the outfit just enough rocker vibe, and also separating the confusing prints on her pants with her graphic Tee.

To wrap up this post, since airport fashion is quite a huge thing in Korea, this picture of Miss A’s Suzy is a cuter rendition of the basic tee style.

The asymmetrical tshirt she wears makes the outfit less conventional, and by pairing it with a pair of simple denim shorts, she looks like she can go around town all day in her outfit.

Hope this post is able to show just how flexible and versatile a simple tshirt is on an outfit, and that when a graphic tshirt is worn with style, an outfit does not have to be boring and conventional.

Until next time!


Wonder Girls “Like This” – Dress up like Sohee

Summer is finally here, and what’s better to welcome this wonderful season than to rejoice with a dance party – at the mall? Wonder Girls’ flashmob concept in their newest music video “Like This” is all about that. It’s a fun-filled video as we see the girls breakout in dance randomly in open spaces at a mall, flaunting their summer-friendly fashion:

The fashion in this music video did not really give me that special tingle of “oooh I love what she’s wearing so much that I need to have it“, unlike in my other review of f(x)’s Electric Shock. However, I thought what they’re wearing is still very fresh and definitely street friendly, considering the fact that the music video is all about impromptu dancing at a mall. This down-to-earth image the Wonder Girls decided to opt for this time round for their comeback is again very fresh, and just shows street fashion makes everything more appealing.

What I am drawn to so much about Wonder Girls’ recent comeback that I have to make this post is not in their M/V, but actually in their comeback stage on M! Countdown:

I really really really love what Sohee is wearing in this stage. It’s filled with attitude, yet again, street friendly, and gives off her inner rocker vibe. I think she is slowly becoming one of my favorite people in the Kpop scene, as I love how she doesn’t seem pretentious. Therefore, everything she wears does not overwhelm her as a performer, but only serve to allow her cute personality to shine through. In this particular performance, she is seen wearing a yellow asymmetric print shirt tucked into a pair of studded shorts, with a pair of sheer black tights to glam up the entire outfit for the performance stage, complete with a pair of fun and colorful sneakers which she flaunts with bright orange and yellow socks.

Now that I look at it some more, her outfit gives off a retro vibe which I think is what sets her outfit apart from the other girls’. The outfit is very playful and fun, and is perfect for a girls day out at the mall (very fitting for Wonder Girls’ new single), or hopping on the exhilarating rides at your local amusement park. As you can tell by now, I am a fan of comfortable outfits that can be worn on any day, so Sohee’s outfit here fit the criteria very well.

If you’re thinking of trying out her outfit, I’ve broken down her outfit to the individual pieces that are similar to what she is wearing:

I am in love with the new Nike x Liberty London collection, which I have featured in the above collage. The print is amazing, and this particular pair of high tops has heels neatly hidden inside the shoes just for the inner diva in all of us. I think it’s a fun twist on Sohee’s style, making it more street friendly yet trendy all the same. I also think a pair of colorful flats like the floral ones above from Bershka will work for this outfit, however, it takes away a lot of the fun in Sohee’s outfit, which I feel like is all about embracing the fun and easy going side of street fashion. Moreover, unlike Sohee, who most likely has a stylist personally style her hair for this TV performance, most of us don’t have that liberty, therefore I think headbands will give the same style seen on Sohee without half the trouble.

Hope you have had as much fun reading this as I have reviewing the fashion in Wonder Girls’ “Like This”!

Until next time!

Big Bang “Monster” – I’m not a monster

BIG BANG’s recent comeback has really taken me off the edge of my seat. From singles off their album “Alive” such as “Blue”, “Bad Boy” and “Fantastic Baby”, to their most recent single “Monster” off their repackaged album, “Still Alive”, I have been mesmerized at both their strong vocal and confident rapping as well as their bold fashion, which makes me want to be a boy for a moment  just so I can wear everything they’re wearing…(awkward). If you haven’t heard their newest single yet, you might want to take 5 minutes just to immerse yourself in the wonderfully-planned arrangement written and composed by G-Dragon himself:

Everything in this M/V screams fierceness, and might I just add off the record, sexiness. As a GD fangirl, I couldn’t help notice the red hair + horn combination, which deviates off his seaweed fringe from their “Alive” promotions, and reminding me too much of 2010 GD in a good way. I’m going to ignore his mario mushroom hairstyle in this post and pretend it’s not in the M/V. Let’s just say when I first saw the GD teaser for “Monster”, instead of squealing with joy, I was laughing (at him…I still love you GD).

In general, their fashion is not something that would be worn on a daily basis. I’m going to briefly comment on each member’s outfit and the highs and lows of the fashion in this video before jumping into the important portion of this post. Apart from GD’s horns, I also liked what Seungri was wearing. Although he only had one costume in the entire M/V, it was still fresh everytime he has screen time, and I love how it doubled as a straightjacket in some scenes.

Going with the monster theme, Top didn’t really seem like a monster to me…and his turtleneck+lady hat combination was somewhat out-of-the-blue (pun!…get it, cause’ he had blue (ok fine mint green) hair before?), but his good looks compensated for his meh fashion.

Daesung again showed he can be a hunk if he wants to be with his fur sleeve and straps, which does a poor job in covering up  his toned chest and abs, which is fine by me.

Finally, Taeyang… Umm, I guess he was going for an emulation of an ox? Well whatever his stylists were thinking, I think Taeyang’s outfit went a little to0 far. However, his football shoulder padded sparkly shirt was quite cool, in comparison to his mickey mouse hair.

So since BIG BANG is a boy group, and I’m not really into men’s fashion, I thought I can bring the most important elements of their outfits and turn them “girl-friendly”. As I’ve said before, the red-hair horned GD is my favorite part of the entire M/V, and his outfit is simple yet edgy. Of course, his style is not for the “faint-hearted”, and in order to make this more street-friendly, I tried my best to find pieces from my wardrobe that could emulate his style which are simple, and perhaps found also in your closet:

The center piece of the outfit is probably the faux-leather jacket, which I got on sale at a local boutique. Because his outfit is just so simple, I only had to pair the jacket with a gray tank top from Zara, black jeggings from Uniqlo and a pair of Adidas Originals sneakers I personalized with pink shoe laces which I got ages ago. I’m also wearing a gold studded bangle from the special section of Marc by Marc Jacobs given to me by a friend, which sells special items at prices that are affordable. I would also pair this outfit with this headband I found on asos.com which is a more practical substitute for GD’s horn, giving the outfit a more rocker vibe.

I would wear this outfit (not in the summer)  just to go shopping, or to amusement parks as this outfit is so easy to move in, or dress it up to a concert. As a matter of fact, I was thinking I can wear this to BIG BANG’s concert later this year (if I can get hold of a ticket).

Anyways, hope you had fun! I’d really like to see other people emulating their styles, so leave a photo or something if you do!

f(x) Electric Shock – electrically colorful summer

The ladies of f(x) has definitely made a comeback hotter than the “hot summer” itself (take this as a pun). Their eccentricities are highlighted even more in their recent summer hit, “Electric Shock”, with which they mark the start of this year’s summer extravaganza of hot K-pop music.

SM has once again drilled another catchy song into my head that I have been both consciously and subconsciously humming to. However, what I was most drawn to was of course the bold and fun dress code which the girls flaunt in their music video. The fashion in this M/V is all street style taken up a notch, which reminds me greatly of 2NE1’s “Ugly” in some ways, as they are both great girl bands distinctive from the cutesy girl-group scene.

What I love so much about their attire is the incorporation of color in every aspect of their outfit and makeup. They displayed the versatility and excitement of summer fashion through Krystal’s (center) combination of colored skinny jeans and tie dye shirts; Amber’s (far right) boyish charms “electrified” through spicing up a dull graphic t-shirt with a bold colored jean; or just being crazy with a colorfully bizarre shirt like Luna (far left) which summarizes the overall hype of summer. Other outfits through out the M/V are just as bold and easy to emulate, most notably Krystal, Victoria, and Amber in the opening sequence and Luna’s in the white room.

Starting with Krystal, her outfit here is bold and emits fierceness. The skull sweater is contrasted with the lighter patterned shorts she dons, which works very well in bringing out enough of the rocker chic vibe in the outfit yet maintaining her girly side. The studded high heels accentuates the toughness of the entire outfit, keeping her looking fierce and street comfortable. Luna has another take on this similar outfit in another part of the M/V, but with denim shorts and studded high tops which gives a easier alternative to emulate:

Victoria’s outfit is another of my favorite in the M/V. It’s feminine, which suits her very well, yet it goes with the overarching theme of the M/V which displays the boldness and eccentricities of the girls. Her shirt reminds me of the Christopher Kane’s galaxy print shirts, yet upon closer look, it’s a simple oversized shirt with splashes of pinks and oranges and purples. The only downside would be the uncomfortable leather pants she dons, which I would recommend to wear any form of black tights or jeggings if you’re trying this outfit out. Her studded necklace ties the entire outfit together, giving a minimal yet just the right amount of edge to the attire.

On a side note, Amber’s outfit really really really reminds me of 2NE1’s Dara’s outfit in “Ugly”. I can’t really decide who wore it best, but on Amber, it matches with her tomboy image, and on Dara, it adds an edge to her petite figure and more artsy (?) in a way.

Anyways, back to f(x). I realized I didn’t really talk about Sulli in this post. I didn’t really like Sulli’s outfits in the M/V, as they were somewhat impractical and I just don’t really like the girliness which creeps out too much in her outfits. However, I really liked her multi-colored hair extensions which boasted loud colors like pink and turquoise, as well as a hint of green at the roots of her bang (very unique!). Love it!

Krystal also had a streak of baby blue in her hair in the close up shots of her in the M/V, which really prompts me to try to get for this summer.

I also can’t help but oggle over the dinosaur earrings she has on…which I have also seen on G-dragon in their recent Still Alive album promotion pictures…+1000000 points to f(x)’s stylists. Dinosaurs makes everything that much more awesome.

All in all, f(x) did not disappoint with their recent single “Electric Shock”, proving again their abilities to glam up street style in a fun and summery way that is not hard to emulate. Hope you have enjoyed this as much as I did, and have fun!


Everyone who knows K-pop knows that this genre of music is not just about the music, but it’s about the appeal of the idols, and mostly about Who’s got the craziest, boldest hair, and the trendiest airport fashion. This blog wants to integrate all of these eyecandy elements of K-pop and bring them to real life, where ordinary people, can become the extraordinary with advice from the fashion icons of the K-pop world. Enjoy!